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Crystal Door Systems is the trusted solution provider for premium door technology and automatic entrance systems like automatic folding doors, sliding doors, retractable roofs, movable partitions etc. We offer a wide range of innovative, cost effective and high quality security products such as automatic locking systems, smoke ventillation, motorized and retractable roofs supported by technical service division handling the entire middle east market.

Automatic Entrance system

Our comprehensive range of automatic doors and all-glass sliding walls suitable for almost any field of application. Whichever system you choose, we...readmore

Frameless Folding door System

The MOVIGLASS system consists of independent glass panels that can be slid away, round any angle, allowing for complete opening, with the...readmore

Aluminum Folding Door System

Folding Sliding Aluminium doors allow you to enclose open space and/or decide interiors, making the most available space, since once stacked, they...readmore

Smoke and heat ventilation

Fires and the associated heat and smoke development are still the biggest threat to people and buildings. Every year, many people die...readmore

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