About Crystal Door Systems LLC

Crystal Door Systems LLC established in 2009, is the distributor for G-U BKS - Germany, ESPAI Sistemas - Spain, Aumuller - Germany and Estron- Singapore, as one of the largest suppliers of modern construction fittings, Automatic entrance systems, folding doors systems, smoke Ventilation systems, Door hardware‘s (locks, locking cylinders and master keyed suites), and escape door fittings.

As a distributer, we offer our customers an extensive complete security technology. It is possible to combine different products from our product Group with each other without any problems. Our range of service covers planning, realization and service, perfect mechanical as well as modern electronics. Being one of the leading construction fitting supplier in the Middle East and Africa, Crystal Door Systems is centrally located in Dubai; United Arab Emirates.

Crystal Door Systems has made a name for itself throughout Middle East with automatic sliding doors, revolving doors and Folding doors. Based on a polished modular construction system, the company develops innovative solutions to meet individual requirements. In so doing, the customers can rely on modern techniques, high quality materials, as well as tried and tested functionality and security.