All glass sliding partition

Top hung sliding and stacking hardware for frameless glass doors. Stacking Partition System offers a variety of options to create a simple yet elegant interior space division or a large inviting mall front. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes can easily expand with indoor/outdoor seating space. The design options are limited only by own imagination.

All glass sliding walls manual

The shopMaster GSW-M all-glass sliding partition enables the creation of a multitude of individual partition walls and shop fronts for shop-in-shop concepts. Solutions can be implemented for practically any floor plan, giving completely free reign to the creativity of the planners. Depending on the equipment, the all-glass sliding panel system is available with a linear, curved or segmented design. The units can be arranged in a variety of ways – a floor guide is not needed. The system's compact design requires only minimal space for the roller track and parking niche.

The use of Swing&Slide panels equipped with a door closer is just one way of providing variable passages. The running mechanisms are equipped with high-quality, ball-bearing-supported rollers and guarantee permanently reliable operation and smooth movement of the elements during opening and closing. In the event of the glass breaking, the clamping profiles are protected from falling out by special door hardware.

All glass sliding walls Automatic

The automatic all-glass sliding panel system shopMaster GSW-A offers a wide variety of design options for architects and planners as well as maximum convenience for operators or users. The system's compact design requires only minimal space for the roller track and parking niche. The modules are equipped with state-of-the-art carriage technology with plastic-coated, ball bearing-supported rollers.

These guarantee permanently reliable operation and noiseless movement of the elements. Thanks to the small roller track installation height of 86.5 mm, installation flush with the ceiling is possible almost everywhere. The required floor guide provides additional stability and utmost convenience to the user. For safety reasons, the automatic all-glass sliding panels can be moved by hand in the event of a power failure.