Automatic Swing Door

Automatic closing is desirable with fire and smoke protection doors. However, a closed door always represents an obstruction. Nevertheless, convenience and accessibility can only be ensured if the door is easy to open. Automatic swing-door drives from the GU Group ensure secure closure yet allow convenient access via the radar motion sensor, push-button or access control system. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with multi-point locking, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as ensuring accessibility.

Turn Master

Armed for dealing with fires: The swing Master DTB swing door drive in accordance with DIN 18650 Role: The swing Master DTB swing door drive forms an integral part of a hold-open device, allowing optimum convenience when passing through the door combined with maximum safety. The swing Master DTB is triggered by smoke detectors. In the event of a fire, the drive unit (tested in accordance with DIN 18650) will shut the door reliably. Due to its sturdy design, the swing Master DTB is also particularly suitable for doors that see a high level of traffic. On both sides, the swing door drive is supplemented by an active infrared sensor strip for securing the door leafs pivot range.


The under floor drive swing Master DTU offers architects and planners a unique possibility of automating swing door systems. On the basis of a well proven technology, all demands on a reliable, modern swing door drive are realized. In modern shop construction it captivates by providing unobtrusive automation. With this drive system the automation of all glass entrance systems or doors in historical or listed buildings is efficient and provides comfortable access to all users. The use of an optional battery allows for a de-smoking function.