Chain Drive

Chain drives from AUMÜLLER have a slim and attractive, robust aluminium housing, which encloses the microprocessor-controlled electronics, the motor gearbox unit and the chain box.

The stainless steel chains are of a basically “rigid-back” design. It caves on in itself in one direction to retract into the housing. In the other direction, the so-called “rigid-back position”, they can be subjected to pressure when extending. The pressure forces depend on the size and shape of the chain links and the stroke length. Chain drives therefore generally have different pulling and pushing forces. Drives with long strokes are used mainly for tensile loads.

The integrated microprocessor regulates the drive force by means of a electronic positioning encoder in relation to the stroke length. The soft-start and soft-stop both protect the window drive against overload, and the opening casement as well as the attachment elements against premature wear. The synchronous operation of several window drives are possible, as well as various customer- and object-specific configurations.

When installing at the main closing edge, the chain describes a chord to the arch of the sash during the opening process. The casement height therefore depends on the profile geometry, the opening direction and the stroke. Rigid-backed sidebow roller chains are used to open casements of low heights as wide as possible. Chain drives without sidebow chains are swivel-mounted at the brackets. For installation at the side closing edge of bottom-hung windows, the chain drives are mounted to the chain outlet like a drawbridge.