Folding wall

The folding wall consists of individual sandwich panels hinged together to give an even appearance when closed. They can either be suspended from, and moved along, an overhead track or can be manoeuvred on an ultra low profile floor track system with a ceiling-mounted guiding track.

When closed, these panels give the appearance of a completely even wall. The panels can slide along a floor track system with an ultra-flat profile, guided by a track installed on the ceiling. In this case, the track on the floor bears the full load and no overhead supporting construction is necessary. Alternatively, the panels can be suspended from a ceiling track and moved with floor guidance.

The hinged panels are pushed together and will interlock to form a flat wall. The panel construction consists of an aluminium frame, high quality particle boards and contains high-performance sound-absorbent materials. Acoustic integrity is completed by fixed top and bottom sweep seals. The Flexio is available with laboratory acoustic insulation values from Rw 37dB to Rw 44dB.

Each wall section incorporates an end pass door panel, which provides a quick method of closing off the wall and also a means of access to adjoining rooms.