Frameless Movable Glass System

The frameless glass wall system consists of independent glass panels that can be slid away, round any angle, allowing for complete opening, with the panels concertained at one or both ends. The glass panels are hardened, notably increasing their mechanical characteristics (flexion, compression, impact resistance). Furthermore, in the event of breakage the glass shatters into small pieces, avoiding the risk of serious injuries.

ESPO Frameless Glass Walls can be used :

  • To extend the use of exterior spaces, for pool enclosures, rooftops, pergolas, balconies, winter gardens, etc.
  • To enclose open spaces such as porches, sun lounges, balconies, terraces, galleries, etc.
  • To divide interiors without reducing the visual space, in the salons of hotel and restaurant, to separate sales or office areas in car showrooms, set aside areas in public spaces for smokers, etc.