Natural Ventilation

Windows are an integral part of buildings which ensure a pleasant daylight. Due to the demand opening a balanced room climate is achieved with a high proportion of fresh air at the workplace and in the home.

To have an comfortable natural ventilation you can use electromotive operated windows. The drives are operated via a ventilation control unit which allows a controlled flow of fresh air.

The controlled natural ventilation via window drives ensures high air exchange rates and achieves a very low energy consumption. Sensors record weather and temperature data and other environmental factors via sensor which analyses the data and sends it to the system. Optimum results are achieved when using heating, cooling and sun protection systems. All individual steps of the system are precisely timed and coordinated and are based on individual needs.

Electric window openers for SHEV and natural ventilation

AUM√úLLER window drives open and close your windows in a reliable manner. The electrical window drives ensure additional driving rain impermeability and joint impermeability. Combined with appropriate control units and sensors the controlled natural ventilation ensures enough fresh air and pleasant comfort. This system protects the environment and reduces energy costs.

The AUM√úLLER product range offers the adequate drive solution for every RWA window: For superimposed leaf- or frame-mounting on the main or secondary closing edge, as well as for invisible integration into the profile. Elegant design, precision processing and convenient functionality enable the optimum integration into modern overall architectural design concepts.

Where other equipment reaches its limits, we still provide special solutions: In the stairwell and in the lift, in the office building as well as in airports or classrooms.