Smoke Ventilation systems

Reliable smoke ventilation systems for emergency cases.

This system safes human lives. The faster smoke finds a way out, the faster the persons inside the building can rescue themselves and the more successful the rescue forces can be.

AUMÜLLER ferralux® guarantees safety in staircases and elevator shafts, in office buildings as well as in airports and class rooms with efficient control units, drives and natural smoke and heat exhaust systems (NSHEV).

Electric window openers for SHEV and natural ventilation

Window drives which in the event of fire reliably open SHEV windows save human lives. And if there is no fire, they ensure adequate day-by-day ventilation, providing pleasant comfort due to controlled natural ventilation. That protects the environment and also reduces energy costs.

The AUMÜLLER product range offers the adequate drive solution for every SHEV window: For surface mounting on the main or side closing edge of casement or frame profilrs, as well as for concealed integration into the profile. Elegant design, precision processing and convenient functionality enable the optimum integration into modern overall architectural design concepts.

Where others reaches its limits, we still provide special solutions: In the staircase and in the lift shaft, in the office building as well as in airports or classrooms.