Spindle Drive

AUM√úLLER spindle drives have attractive, round or rectangular continuous aluminium housings with end caps of aluminium or plastic. The housing length is determined by the type-dependent fixed, basic construction length, which is in turn specified by the microprocessor-controlled electronics and the motor-gear unit, as well as the variable, stroke dependent length of the spindle housing.

The ball bearing spindles with end position damping are made of high-quality stainless steel or phosphated steel. The opening mechanisms consist of spindle tubes made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium. The spindle tubes are provided as standard with fixed or replaceable eye-bolts for swivelling mounting to various casement brackets. It is possible to mount the spindle drives either via adjustable clamping rings or sliding elements on the housing tube, eye-bolts or clevis brackets in the rear of the housing bottom. The user-friendly, adjustable fixing to the housing tube affords the required stability even with long strokes under the effects of side load forces.

Integrated microprocessors regulate the soft start and soft stop, as well as the stroke lengths, speeds or forces. This both protects the drive against overload as well as the window and the attachment elements against premature wear. The synchronous running of several drives and various customer- and object-specific configurations are also possible without any problem.

If the drive is installed at the main closing edge, the slim drive housing of the spindle drives protrudes a long way into the room, and requires a relatively large swivelling range. The rigid spindle tube describes a chord with the arch to the upper edge of casement while opening. Spindle drives are therefore used principally for outward-opening windows. The complete drive force is transmitted to the window. The time for opening depends on the load, the stroke length and the speed. Larger opening widths can be achieved by mounting of the spindle drives at the side closing edge.

As an alternative, spindle drives combined with hardware sets can be installed at an acute angle force application to the window frame. Although this transmits part of the drive force into the window hinges, significantly wider opening angles can thereby be achieved with shorter strokes. This requires a free installation width at the window frame of at least 40 mm.